Plants and flowers that purify the air

houseplants that purify the air

A very good way to beautify a room or your home is to add indoor plants. Whether you choose plants that make colorful flowers or not, they bring a splash of color and life to everyone's home. Plants in general are beneficial for health because they keep the air clean, but some indoor plants have the added advantage of purifying the air. These plants that purify the air help reduce stress, increase productivity and provide a general state of happiness.

That is why the presence of these plants is important, especially in work areas, either at the workplace or in the space designated as an office. It would be good to surround yourself with air-purifying plants, especially in the spaces where you spend most of your time, but some can bring additional benefits if they are kept in the bedroom or bathroom. Also, they are a beautiful gift from an aesthetic point of view, but also functional because they will help your overall well-being. There are several types of plants and flowers that purify the air in the house, so you can choose the plant that suits your style.


  1. Plants that purify the air

1.1 Tall apartment plants for air purification

1.2 Short apartment plants that help purify the air

1.3 Flowing indoor plants for air purification

  1. Flowers that purify the air

2.1 Seasonal flowers in pots that purify the air in the house

2.2 Plants with permanent flowers that help purify the air

1. Plants that purify the air

There are people who choose to decorate their homes with non-flowering plants , either because they don't want more colors in a room, or because they are easier to clean. At the same time, there are several types of plants that do not have flowers, but they still bring beauty to the home due to the intense colors of the leaves. There are several criteria by which someone chooses their indoor plant. A main criterion is usually the degree of care that must be given, how often it must be watered, the necessary brightness, the fertilizer used, as well as if it needs special treatments with different solutions. An equally important criterion in choosing the plant is the available space, where the plant will be placed and, respectively, how much space it will have around it. Fortunately, there are air purifying plants that are suitable for every situation.

air purifying plants

1.1 Tall apartment plants for air purification

If you have enough space for a pot with a tall plant to help purify the air, then you can choose from several types of palm trees that are useful for purifying the air. You can buy a ficus elastica rubber plant that is suitable in the living room or on the balcony because it needs as much light as possible. There are several types of elastic ficus that you can choose from depending on the color of the leaves, but also on the maximum height they can reach. Ficus elastica tineke can reach a height of 2.10m at maturity, ficus elastica robusta, on the other hand, can reach a maximum height of 1.80m. If you have a larger space, but where the light does not penetrate much, then you can opt for the areca palm tree. This plant is visually pleasing due to its broad and crepey leaves, ideal for living room in a space without natural light. It would be ideal to position the pot directly on the floor because it can reach 2.5 m at maturity. Another plant suitable for areas without light and which is relatively easy to maintain is the lady's palm, which can reach up to 2 m in height. This plant can also be integrated in the bathroom because it develops well in a more humid environment. The Ficus Alii fits just as well in an area where there is little light, but it would be good to place it in an easily accessible area to be able to clean around it because it loses its needles.

If you have pets then this plant is not indicated because the leaves are poisonous. The dragon tree is another favorite houseplant because of its interesting appearance. This plant purifies the air of many impurities, including cigarette smoke, being suitable in spaces where people smoke. The disadvantage of the dragon tree is the fact that more attention must be paid to its care and the water used to water it. If you are aware of the fact that you will not be able to regularly water the plants in your house, then you can opt for the snake plant because it has a pleasant appearance, does not occupy a very large space and is resistant to irregular watering.

1.2 Short apartment plants that help purify the air

If space is limited, then you can opt for smaller air-purifying plants that can be placed on furniture, a desk or a windowsill. Of course, there are plants that can remain small due to human intervention, but they can also grow up to a certain desired height. Mother-in-law's tongue is a plant with intensely colored leaves that is of medium height and can reach up to 70 cm in height at maturity.

This plant requires more special care because it needs special fertilizer, but it needs to be watered less often and depending on the season. Aglaonema is a plant that can also reach medium height and there are several types. Aglaonema with green leaves and light green pattern and can reach a maximum height of 70 cm, and the optimal environment is with low light. If you want a plant that brings color, you can choose pink aglaonema, which has light green and pink leaves that can reach 50 cm in height when mature.

If you like different plants that have different medicinal uses, then you can opt for aloe vera. This plant, in addition to the fact that it purifies the air in the room, can be used in the treatment of superficial burns and in the beautification process, being a product often used for the skin. The Chinese evergreen tree is a plant often found in closed and shady spaces of relatively low height. But you have to be careful because the sap of this plant can be poisonous.

If you are looking for a relatively small plant, perfect to beautify the office without taking up a large space, you can opt for magical aloe aristata, a succulent plant with a short stem. To purify the air in the bathroom, which can be full of substances from bathroom products and detergents, you can add a pot with a fern. This plant grows very well in a humid space without light, that's why it is ideal in the bathroom.

the plant that purifies the air

1.3 Flowing indoor plants for air purification

There is also the option of purchasing flowing plants that can be arranged in suspended pots so as not to occupy the space on the floor. The most common spreading or climbing plant, depending on how it is arranged, is the English ivy. This plant is appreciated because of the intense color and the shape of the leaves. Another flowing plant is the golden photo.

You can arrange this plant in spaces that are not very warm or unheated rooms in winter because it prefers a cooler environment. The philodendron is a plant that is ideal to be in a hanging pot or at least at a height, because the light green leaves with wide leaves are aesthetic, but at the same time they are poisonous. Thus, they should be kept away from pets and children. If you are a beginner and you are afraid that you will not be able to take care of the plants as they need, then you can choose the spider plant, also called the bride's veil, because it does not require much care. This plant does not need direct light and can survive in almost any conditions.

2. Flowers that purify the air

If you want more color in your home, then you can choose plants that make flowers and are useful in purifying the air. If you take care of them, you will get flowers as beautiful as in floral arrangements such as flowers in a box . There are also different plants that make intensely colored flowers in case you want more color in your room. You can opt for plants with flowers of different colors or only one color in the room to be integrated into the dominant color of the room. Besides the fact that it purifies the air in the room, some also leave a pleasant smell that eliminates the need for room fresheners. Unfortunately, their number is quite small and there are periods when they will not have colored flowers. Every plant you have in the apartment can bring benefits because it removes oxygen at night and can provide fresh air.

2.1 Seasonal flowers in pots that purify the air in the house

There are some plants that are most often found in outdoor gardens, but which resist and develop just as well in the house under favorable conditions. Among them is the chrysanthemum, which offers flowers of different intense colors. Potted chrysanthemums can be found in different sizes, including very small pots, because they can bloom right from the start.

That's why a chrysanthemum pot, no matter how small, is perfect for providing a splash of color on the work desk without making it uncomfortable. Although it blooms only once or twice a year, the intensely colored flower can last a long time. Another plant that blooms only for one period of the year is the gerbera. The flowers are larger in size, but have an equally intense color. This flower can be found in the bedroom because it removes a lot of oxygen during the night, which can provide a restful sleep. Another advantage of these flowers is the fact that as long as they bloom you will have the necessary flowers in addition to other flower bouquets .

flowers that purify the air

2.2. Plants with permanent flowers that help purify the air

If you want a plant that has permanent flowers, then you can opt for the peace lily. The flowers are small and white that bloom permanently and offer a touch of elegance in a room. This plant can also be stored in the bathroom or in a humid environment, because, in addition to purifying the air, it absorbs mold spores.

Another plant that brings an air of elegance is the anthurium or the flamingo flower. You can choose a flamingo plant with white, pink or red flowers. Care can be quite complex because it needs a bright and warm environment, being a tropical plant, but it cannot withstand temperatures higher than 33 degrees. In favorable conditions it can grow up to a height of 150 cm.

Azalea is another type of flower that purifies the air and has small colorful flowers. You can buy azalea in pots in the form of a shrub, but also in the form of a tree with a crown full of flowers. It needs meticulous care, needing special fertilizer applied quite often, brightness and plenty of water. At the same time, it is susceptible to various fungi, therefore it must be treated with fungal substances.

Plants that purify the air inside are beneficial for your health from several points of view. Besides the fact that they improve air quality, these plants remove toxins from the air, toxins that can lead to respiratory problems over time. There are different plants that are ideal in the bathroom because they help dehumidify and absorb mold particles. There is also the classic reason, namely that they can beautify the room.

If you decide to buy indoor plants that purify the air, then it would be good to choose several options, because just one will not do. However, it can be beneficial. You may need to consider additional measures to improve indoor air quality if you want to significantly purify the air in your home. Don't forget to think about different factors before making a decision. First of all, check the space and light conditions in your room in order to buy the plant that fits best. If you have pets or small children, it might be better to focus on non-poisonous plants.

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