The most beautiful bridal bouquets - what are the most suitable flowers and what details make the difference

Wedding. An event that is defined by emotional uniqueness, tears of happiness, colorful smiles, warm hugs and hearts beating in unison. It is not for nothing that it is said that it is a unique moment in everyone's life. The emotional experience that the bride and groom have on their wedding day is unmatched by anything else. Precisely to emphasize the mastery of this event full of significance, the details must not be ignored. And one important detail is the bridal bouquet. It is the accessory without which a bride cannot be defined. It is indispensable. It has the immeasurable power to fill that missing percentage so that the whole decor, and the whole day, is perfect.

When the time comes to choose, it is not easy. Why? Because every woman wants to have the most beautiful bridal bouquet. And then special attention must be paid to details and flowers. But to make the choice easier, I have prepared this article on all the details related to the bridal bouquet. But how did it all start?


  1. The most beautiful bridal bouquets
  2. How can you have the most beautiful bridal bouquet

2.1.        What flowers are suitable for a bridal bouquet

2.2.        What details should surprise the bridal bouquet

  1. Models of flower bouquets for the bride

1. The most beautiful bridal bouquets 

Most of the time, the bridal bouquet is chosen to match the theme of the wedding, if there is one, or with the dress - maybe it has certain details on it that can be nicely captured in the bouquet. Moreover, the bouquet generally links the design and decoration of the entire wedding. It is not for nothing that it is the accessory that completes the wedding to perfection. And after the dress, the first thing the guests notice is the bouquet. So, you have to be careful about what you hold in your hand. But why does the bride wear a bouquet of flowers? Where did this tradition start?

The story of the bridal bouquet 

The practice of having a bridal wedding bouquet dates back to antiquity. The ancient Greeks and Egyptians held fragrant herbs in their hands to ward off the misfortune of newlyweds. Those herbs along with the flowers symbolized a new beginning. They brought hope of fertility, happiness and fidelity to the married couple. But the shape of the bridal bouquet as we all know it today materialized only in the Victorian era. The symbolism of the flowers in the bouquet it was very popular at the time. Brides communicate their feelings by choosing flowers for their wedding.

Another reason the brides had a bouquet of flowers at the wedding was to cover the smell of the body with the scent of flowers. In those days, hygiene was not given attention today.

To this day, these customs and symbolism have been lost. Today, the future bride chooses from the most beautiful bridal bouquets that bouquet that matches the decor, theme and dress. Or that bouquet whose color you prefer.

 2. How can you have the most beautiful bridal bouquet 

The most beautiful bridal bouquets are the ones that define your style. You can have a bouquet of roses white, red or, why not, yellow or pink. It can also be multicolored assorted flowers. It can be round or flowing. The flowers can be short or long tail. There is no single rule for creating the most beautiful bridal bouquet. The only rule is your style. You can also take into account the design of the wedding, the theme or the hall. But for inspiration I chose some of the most appreciated and sought after flowers by future brides and I wrote a little about them.

2.1. What flowers are suitable for a bridal bouquet 

There are plenty of options available for such a bouquet. If it seems difficult, help yourself with factors such as budget, location, color palette in the decor, etc. After all, flowers are the element that brings elegance, fragrance and creates a good and beautiful impression whose memory will last a long time. Because it is impossible to organize your wedding without a bouquet of flowers, here are the ideal flowers for such a special bouquet.

  •     Roses. The most famous bouquets of flowers are those with roses. Of different colors. They symbolize love and purity. Because roses are available in a wide variety of colors, you can create a unique bouquet for your wedding day. The colors you can add in the bouquet can capture the theme of the wedding or the palette of shades that can be found in it.
  •     Peonies. These beautiful flowers are considered the ideal flowers for spring and summer weddings. Because the flowers are large, with many petals and have a pleasant pink color, the peonies go great in a bouquet with small flowers, cream or another pastel color. Peonies mean prosperity. Legend has it that the presence of peonies at a wedding will make that marriage a very successful one.

  •   Orchids. These beautiful flowers are eternal. They give a unique, tropical note to any floral arrangement. With them you can create the most beautiful bridal bouquets. It symbolizes boundless beauty, refinement, love, but also luxury, opulence.
  •   Iasomiile. If you want to add a touch of finesse and an inviting note of exotic fragrance to your bouquet, then choose jasmine. Jasmine flowers have a symbolism of purity, innocence, admiration and respect. They are one of the ideal choices because they open completely and release a strong and delicate scent throughout the event.
  •     Calele. Although it is said that the flowers are suitable for funerals, the paths have been chosen more and more for bridal bouquets. They are known for their special trumpet shape. They have a discreet smell and represent rebirth, innocence and admiration. And they are ideal for summer weddings. They are available in various colors such as orange, pink, yellow, purple and more and more. It looks great when joined with room decorations.

  •   lily of the valley. Even if you don't think about them, they could be part of a bridal bouquet, look. You probably remember the royal wedding when Kate Middleton herself had a bridal bouquet of tears. They have a special scent that cannot be confused. They are spring flowers, so if your wedding will be this season, then you will find plenty of lilies of the valley. On the other hand, if you want an autumn wedding and you want a bridal bouquet of tears, you will most likely have to pay a slightly higher price. That's because they are not so easy to find in the rest of the year. Therefore, in such a situation, it is best to just fill the bouquet with a few tears in the middle. And in this form it can become a unique and extremely beautiful bouquet. And fragrant.
  •     Hydrangeas. These flowers are beautiful. If you want a light but very beautiful and special bouquet of flowers, at the same time, hydrangeas are the ideal choice. This is because on the stem grows a very large flower that looks like a heartbeat. Therefore, hydrangeas signify beauty, life, grace and gratitude. Only three hydrangea flowers can be enough to form the most beautiful bridal bouquet.
  •     gardenias. Slightly more unusual, garden dresses can create an extraordinary bridal bouquet. Their scent cannot be confused with anything. They represent love, beauty, joviality and purity. They are short-tailed flowers so they need to be glued together to stay in the bouquet. This is, after all, an advantage because you don't have to worry about it falling apart. Usually, they are chosen by future brides who want luxury and opulence at their weddings. They can be easily matched with other flowers to create an aesthetic bouquet. They are preferred by people who get married in the summer.
  •     Tulips. These are among the most versatile flowers on the planet. Easily combine the modern and artistic style of a wedding. They are available all year round and can be easily matched with any other flower. If you want a simple bouquet or simple but effective decorations for the big day, then you will not fail with tulips.

  •   Sunflower. A bouquet of sunflowers goes fantastically well with autumn. It can be supplemented with wheat ears and gerbera. An autumn wedding with an autumn color palette will be wonderfully highlighted with such a bridal bouquet. The sunflower is hardy, so you don't have to worry about the bouquet getting damaged in the evening.
  •   Amaryllis. Delicacy, pride, affection and friendship are the things that best define this flower. If we think about the fact that the name Amaryllis comes from Amarysso - a woman from Latin literature - it becomes increasingly clear that this flower is a more than inspired choice for a wedding bouquet. It is an extremely hardy flower because, in its natural habitat, it blooms in December. It is also available in a variety of colors. Only good to give you multiple options to create the most beautiful bridal bouquet.
 2.2. What details should surprise the bridal bouquet 

In order to have the most beautiful bridal bouquet, you need to pay attention to a few aspects. They are not complicated at all and will help you make your choice easier.

  •  Your tastes and personality. 

This is the most important aspect. It is your big day, the wonderful day that you have been waiting for a long time and that is why it is recommended to choose the bouquet according to your personality. There is no right and wrong choice. There is a choice you like. Of course, it helps a lot to keep in mind how long the freshness of the flowers lasts so as not to reach the end of the day with a withered bouquet. But, in the end, the flowers that shape your personality are also the most suitable.

  • The meanings of the flowers in the bouquet. 

What makes a bouquet very special is its personality. If there is one type of flower, or more, that means something to you (flowers received on the first anniversary or on the first date, the flowers you received at the request of your marriage the flowers received at the first dragobete etc.) then you can create a bouquet not only beautiful, but also full of meaning. After all, the wedding day is one of the most beautiful days of your life. Why not have a bouquet full of beautiful memories?

Bouquet style. 

You always have to pay attention to the proportions. Therefore, it is preferable that the style of the bouquet matches the dress, but also with the physical aspects. For example, a short bride will not benefit much from a flowing bouquet, just as no tall bride will benefit from a tiny bouquet. There are no clear and specific rules, but the proportions are the detail that can make the difference.

Wedding theme

This aspect has already been mentioned. Being the accessory that puts the last piece of the puzzle at your wedding, the recommendation is that the bouquet matches the theme of the wedding and the colors of the decor.


3. Models of flower bouquets for the bride 
  •         Bridal bouquet with cymbidium

  •         Bridal bouquet with cyclamen roses

  •         Bridal bouquet with white roses and orchids

  •         Bridal bouquet with white peonies and pink mini roses

  •         Bridal bouquet with salmon and ranunculus roses

  •         Bridal bouquet with yellow roses and hydrangea

  •         Bridal bouquet with white roses and freesias

In conclusion, the idea of the bridal bouquet dates back to antiquity. It is an old tradition that has been preserved to this day. If until a few decades ago bouquets were, for the most part, simplistic, today the limit of imagination and creativity is the sky. The combinations of flowers, the perfume accents of certain types of flowers only form an authentic and elegant image of the bridal bouquet. It is definitely an accessory that you can emphasize your personality. Through the bridal bouquet you make visible a part of you and of your love story. So, why not limit yourself and not create the most beautiful bridal bouquet by choosing one, two, three or many more types of flowers. What does the bridal bouquet of your dreams look like? 

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