Bridal bouquet: How to choose your bridal bouquet - ideas and suggestions for a dream day!

Looking for bridal bouquet ideas? The wedding day is one of the most important moments in a woman's life, and the bridal bouquet plays an essential role in this very special day.

Choosing a bridal bouquet is an important decision, because it will be the accessory that will complete your outfit and will be present in all your photos and memories. Below are some ideas and suggestions for choosing the perfect bouquet for you, plus a nifty idea to keep your bridal bouquet and champagne bottle after the wedding so you'll always remember your gorgeous day!

Choose a bridal bouquet that matches the theme of your wedding

Wedding planners say theme weddings are gaining ground. So if your wedding also has a certain style or theme, you should choose a bouquet that matches it. For example, if the wedding is boho inspired, a bouquet of wild or natural flowers are a perfect choice. We recommend this gorgeous bouquet of white peonies and pink mini roses. Click on the image to see the product!

Choose a bridal bouquet in a shape that suits your figure

Bridal bouquets can have a variety of shapes: round, cascades, long, short...the possibilities are numerous! However, choose a shape that suits your figure. For example, if you are petite, a short round bouquet is a perfect option. On the other hand, if you are tall and athletic, a waterfall style bouquet will look gorgeous.

On the California Flowers website you can find bridal bouquets that will fit you like a glove and compliment your figure. Here is a very popular proposal on our website:

Choose flowers that have a special meaning for you

If there are flowers that have a special meaning for you or your partner, consider them for your bridal bouquet. That way, you will add a personal and emotional touch to your outfit. For example, I recently met a bride who, for all 5 years of her relationship, received bouquets of peonies as a gift from her future husband. That's why he chose this bouquet, which you will surely like:

Break out of patterns!

If you are non-conformist, or you are simply bored with the classic bouquets of white roses, choose a bridal bouquet that will surprise everyone. We propose this bouquet with cymbidium:

bridal bouquet

BONUS: How to keep your bouquet and champagne bottle after the wedding!

We recently saw this video while surfing TikTok and thought it was a perfect idea for your flower bouquet as well. So, we want to share it with all the brides who choose California Flowers. We know you'll love the bridal bouquet you choose from our site and want to keep it for as long as possible. So, click on the clip below and, if you choose to follow this advice, we're waiting for pictures or videos from you to show us how it turned out!

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